Surfers waiting eagerly for the new Nalu Storage Surfboard Locker Rentals in Waikiki have good news!

Tree removal began immediately after the New Year in Waikiki followed directly with the digging of the footings for the surfboard lockers. Within one month of starting, all the footings for Surfboard Racks A, B, C & E are ready to receive concrete for the post placement.

One six (6′) foot section on Rack E has been fabricated and installed to confirm heights, locker widths and overall dimensions. The rest of the Waikiki surfboard storage lockers are now being fabricated and sent to the galvanizing plant as they are completed and then will be delivered to the site for final welding and installation once the footings are complete.

Nalu Storage is on track for completion of surfboard storage locker racks C & E by or before March 1, 2013 steps away from Waikiki Beach.  Rack B, then A then D will follow shortly thereafter.












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